Publications & Preprints
Mustafa Kalafat

  1. Self-Dual Metrics on 4-Manifolds.
    Book. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. Saarbrücken, Germany, 2010. Avail. for purchase at
  2. Scalar Curvature and Connected Sums of Self-Dual 4-Manifolds.
    J. Eur. Math. Soc. (JEMS) 13 (2011), no. 4, 883–898. pdf.
  3. Deformations of Scalar-Flat Anti-Self-Dual metrics and Quotients of Enriques Surfaces.
    Proc. 13th Gökova Geometry-Topology Conf. 106-122. Int. Press, 2007. pdf.
  4. Geometric Invariant Theory and Einstein-Weyl Geometry.
    Expo. Math. 29 (2011), no. 2, 220–230. pdf.
  5. A class of locally conformally flat 4-manifolds (with Akbulut).
    New York J. Math. 18 (2012) 733–763. pdf.
  6. Complex and Symplectic Structures on Panelled Web 4-Manifolds (with Argüz).
    Topology Appl. 159 (2012), no. 8, 2168–2173. pdf.
  7. Self-Dual metrics on non-simply connected 4-manifolds (with Argüz and Ozan).
    J. Geom. Phys. 64 (2013) 79-82. pdf.
  8. Locally conformally flat and self-dual structures on simple 4-manifolds.
    Proc. 19th Gökova Geometry-Topology Conf. 111-122. Int. Press, 2013. pdf.
  9. Conformally Kähler surfaces and orthogonal holomorphic bisectional curvature (with Koca).
    Geom. Dedicata. 174 (2015), 401-408. pdf.
  10. Compact complex surfaces of locally conformally flat type (with Koca).
    Houston J. Math. In Press. 2015. pdf.
  11. Algebraic Topology of G2 manifolds (with Akbulut).
    Expo. Math. 34 (2016) 106–129. pdf.
  12. On the curvature of Einstein-Hermitian surfaces (with Koca).
    Preprint available at Arxiv math.DG/1206.3941. pdf.
  13. Hyperkähler manifolds with circle actions and the Gibbons-Hawking Ansatz (with Sawon).
    Preprint available at Arxiv math.DG/0910.0672. pdf.
  14. Geometric Invariant Theory and Einstein-Weyl Geometry II.
    Preprint available at Researchgate 261995318. pdf.
  15. On special submanifolds of the Page space (with Sarı).
    Preprint available at Arxiv math.DG/1608.03252 pdf.
  16. Coassociative-free immersions and panelled web 4-manifolds (with Ünal).
    Preprint available upon request.
  17. Locally conformally flat metrics on surfaces of general type.
    Preprint available upon request.
  18. Lecture notes on cohomogeneity one manifolds.
    Preprint in preparation.
  19. Some new locally conformally flat 4-manifolds 2.
    Ongoing work.

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